We Are Seeking Long-Term "Business Friendships"...

We Want To Send You $500 - $2,500+ For Any Client You Send Our Way!

Be Known provides done-for-you marketing services for successful "offline" coaches, speakers, & info-product sellers who are struggling to grow their business, online.

These Clients are in a position where going online means they can grow their business without spending a lot more of their personal time at a 1:1 ratio (trading their time for money).  

In a nutshell, we take care of creating their online business ecosystem to quickly get them making consistent $15k - $30k months online at 60% profit margins or better. Then we support them, long-term, to sustainably and ethically grow online.

Our core competencies are around…

  • Product/Service Offer Development & Strengthening
  • ​Copywriting & Email Marketing
  • ​Sales Funnel & Selling System Build-Outs
  • ​Filling The Funnel Through Advertising & Traffic Diversification
  • ​Ongoing Marketing & Business Growth Consulting

…All done in an effort to help them achieve more income, influence, & impact.

We love what People say About Us

 "I Would Have nothing...Without Them!"
 "Well over 6 Figures In 6 months!"
 "The Best Team I've Ever Worked With!"

Some Highlights & Results

  • Over the past few years, we’ve made our Clients over $10,000,000 at 60% profit margins or better with their courses and coaching programs. This translates into over 40,000 buyers positively impacted through our Clients’ sales.

  • Our average Client makes an EXTRA $386,000 in profit over their first 24 months with our help.

  • ​Our average Client saves an extra 2 to 10 years by investing in our team, instead of going through trial and error all by themselves.

  • ​Our average new launch to a client's email list (that has at least 5,000 active subscribers) for a new course, coaching program, or other info-product does $66,000 gross or 1,220% better than their previous efforts. If we use ads in addition to the emails, we normally see a 12.0X return on ad spend (ROAS), or 88% gross profit margin.

  • ​Following our standardized Online Business Blueprint (timelines of what they need), we get Clients making consistent $15k to $30k months (at 60%+ PM’s) in 9 months or less. They normally come to us already making between $0 and $2,500 per month online w/ their online products & services. This is a 1,700% increase from their previous efforts.


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We make no income or earnings claims - do you own due diligence. 

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